For Immediate Release
Serial No. PR-18-092
February 12, 2018
Office of the President

The Nippon Foundation to Handover Patrol Vessel, Marine Law Administrative Building, and Vessel Berth to the Republic of Palau

Today, February 13 2018, the handover ceremony for the new patrol vessel “Kedam”, administrative building “Bai ra Bul” and berth “Melusch Melachel” donated by The Nippon Foundation will be held at the Division of Marine Law Enforcement (DMLE), Koror, Palau.

The Nippon Foundation and the government of the Republic of Palau exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in February 2015 which included these three pillars of support towards Palau’s Coast Guard Capability Enhancement, Protection of the Environment and Eco-conscious Tourism.

In 2016, The Nippon Foundation, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the government of the Republic of Palau held a trilateral meeting where the MOU was further strengthened with new provisions added enhancing the capabilities and capacity of Palau’s marine law enforcement.

These included several new provisions such as a “40 meter-type Patrol Vessel”; “assistance for Crew Employment and Training”; a “berth for patrol vessels” and a “New Administrative Building” as well as patrol boat “Euatel”.

The Nippon Foundation will also provide 10 years’ maintenance cost related to “Kedam”, while the Sasakawa Peace Foundation will provide training and salary for the crew.

Since the signing of the 2016 MOU, many provisions have successfully completed leading up to the handover ceremony. The ceremony will be attended by the government and traditional leaders of Palau including attendance of the President of the Republic of Palau and the Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation.

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