Ministry of EducationAssist the Ministry of Education in providing course work for MOE teachers, principals, and staff leading toward an AS or BA degree in education, project year 2017-201815 Days Public Notice12/11/201712/25/2017
Bureau of Marine ResourceProvide security services for the Bureau of Marine Resource15 Days Public Notice12/05/201712/19/2017
Ministry of HealthAssist MOH with multiple services:
1. Cancer Screening
2. Implementation & Coordination of the USAPI Regional Comprehensive cancer Control Plan
3. Printing of Health Education Materials/Products
4. Development of Social Marketing Campaign on NCD’s Prevention Health Promotion
5. Tobacco Use Prevention and Control
15 Days Public Notice12/05/201712/19/2017
Ministry of EducationAssist the MOE in developing a curriculum framework for its Kindergarten Program. The content to be covered are English, Math, Health, Physical Education and Palauan StudiesPCS-2018-00511/15/201712/14/2017
Ministry of EducationPerform the duties of external evaluators for (EGPFFAS)PCS-2018-00411/15/201712/14/2017
Office of the Public AuditorProvide Human Resources Policies and Pay Scale Study for the Office of the Public AuditorPCS-2018-00311/03/201712/19/2017