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The Council of chiefs is composed of one traditional leader from each of the Republic’s states. The council advises the President on matters concerning traditional laws, customs and their relationship to the Constitution and the laws of Palau.

Palau’s traditional chiefs have advisory authority at the national level through the Council of Chiefs. This council is highly respected and works closely with the elected officials on a variety of local and regional issues. This ensures the preservation of traditional ways and the continued success of the democratic government.

The current Chiefs and their titles respective to their states are listed below:

  1. Koror – Ibedul, Yutaka M. Gibbons
  2. Melekeok – Reklai, Raphael B. Ngirmang
  3. Ngeraard – Maderngebuked, Thomas O. Remengesau
  4. Ngerchelong – Uongerchetei, Victor Joseph
  5. Ngiwal – Uongruious, Paulus Wong
  6. Ngchesar – Ngirakebou, Roman Bedor
  7. Airai (Irrai) – Ngiraked, Yukiwo P. Dengokl
  8. Ngermenlengui – Ngirturong, Yamakazaki Rengiil
  9. Peleliu (Beliliou)- Obak, Isao Singeo
  10. Angaur (Ngeaur) – Ucherbelau, Lorenso Edward
  11. Aimeliik (Imeliik) – Rengulbai, Yukiwo Etpison
  12. Ngatpang (Ngetbang) – Rekemesik, Represented by Surangel Whipps, Sr.
  13. Kayangel (Ngcheangel) – Rdechor, Isimang Bandarii
  14. Sonsorol – Nurap, Nicholas Aquino
  15. Hatohobei – Heimong, VACANT
  16. Ngardmau – Beouch, VACANT