Roles & Responsibilities

The mission of the Bureau, in accordance with enabling legislation and applicable standards, provides ongoing and timely accounting, and purchasing and reporting for the executive and legislative branches of the Republic. Accounting and reporting standards include compliance with local laws, generally accepted accounting principals and the requirements from external funding sources. Finally, the Bureau is recognized for sound financial management services that encourage accountability, continuous productivity of government services, and economic growth.

Tel: (680) 767-2506
Fax: (680) 767-1016

Division of Treasury

Noria Manahane, Chief
Tel: (680) 767-2501 or (680) 488-2566/5965
Fax: (680) 767-1016 or (680) 488-5973

Division of Finance & Accounting

Caryn L. Koshiba, Chief
Tel: (680) 767-2506/2738
Fax: (680) 767-1016

Division of Property & Supply

Milan Isack, Chief
Tel: (680) 488-2215
Fax: (680) 488-5973

Division of Grants

Gandhi Ngirmidol, Chief
Tel: (680) 767-2501
Fax: (680) 767-4626