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Incident Command, Darnelle W. Decherong, of the Ministry of Health has issued a memorandum declaring a Dengue Fever Epidemic. It reads as follows:

“In response to the epidemic of Dengue Fever virus currently affecting all States of Palau and in order to provide the Ministry of Health and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to prevent further transmissions of Dengue; I hereby declare activation of Ministry of Health Hospital and Public Health emergency to ensure that we are prepared to deal with any further cases in which the public has been exposed to the virus or worst case.

Due to the steep rise in dengue cases, 195 lab confirmed cases since November of 2016, with May 2017 alone, confirmed cases maxed at 45 with three (3) deaths in the past months. A majority of the cases received at the hospital are Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (Virus is causing blood vessels to leak fluid into the lungs causing difficulty breathing) which require further urgent public mobilization.

All efforts through the Bureau of Public Health to ensure the community is provided appropriate information to prevent getting dengue or spreading infections is ongoing. Public Service announcements, Meetings with State leaders, Koror State Government and other agencies continues as we mobilize resources to enhance surveillance, community wide clean-up and prevention measures.

The Ministry of Health activated its Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) on May 24, 2017 to organize the Incident Command System (ICS) and on May 25, 2017, Bureau of Public Health EOP was activated as well to strengthen and have unified front to combat this emergency Dengue Outbreak operation.”

Declaration of Dengue Fever memo

It is vital that we work together & solve this epidemic.  Here are a few things that you can do to keep yourself safe and help prevent further outbreak:

  • Stay in air-conditioned or well screened-housing
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Use mosquito repellent
  • Reduce mosquito habitat

Statement of Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Corruption

In a powerful statement released by Honorable Minister Elbuchel Sadang of the Ministry of Finance, we are reminded of the Republic of Palau National Government’s zero tolerance principle in regards to Fraud and Corruption. Minister Sadang writes “As signatory to the legally binding United Nations Convention against Corruption, Palau condemns and fights corruption as a key driver of poverty, environmental degradation and bad governance. Accountability in the management of public finances must be promoted, and specific requirements are established for the prevention of corruption in particularly critical areas of the public sector such as public procurement. Parties to the Convention are required to criminalize specific acts including active bribery of a national, international or foreign public official; passive bribery of a national public official; and embezzlement of public funds. Other mandatory crimes include obstruction of justice and the concealment, conversion or transfer of criminal proceeds (money laundering).”

Minister Sadang also quotes 33 PNC, Section 603 (Palau Code of Ethics Act) and Public Service System Rules and Regulations to provide clarity on what is prohibited.

In his closing remarks, Minister Sadang calls “upon all government employees to be careful custodians of the public funds and assets placed in our care, managing them with stringent honesty and transparency and constantly seeking the most cost-effective solutions, even at the price of personal inconvenience.

We must always remember that it is our duty, as civil servants of Palau’s National Government and Citizens of the Republic of Palau, to ensure that we treat our colleagues, partners, supporters and suppliers with honesty and integrity. This includes, but isn’t limited to, ensuring that public funds (time, equipment, property, etc) are utilized and protected accordingly.

Read the Complete Statement of Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Corruption.

Bureau of Public Service System (BPSS) meets with Palau National Scholarship Board (PNSB)

The Director of the Bureau of Public Service System, Ms. Umerang Imetengel, along with the Chief of Human Resource,  Ms. Sairong Nabeyama and WIOA Employee, Ms. Ingrid Mariur, met with the Chairman of the Palau National Scholarship Board, Dr. Christopher Kitalong on January 31st, 2017.

As the Bureau that is in charge of recruitment and hiring, BPSS hopes to further strengthen its relationship with PNSB in streamlining the process of hiring Palauans who are fresh out of college and those who live abroad and wish to relocate home. This collaboration signifies the importance and need for the Government, as well as the private sector, to attract and retain qualified individuals for the growing Palau workforce. The meeting proved beneficial to both parties and provides an excellent starting point to a sustainable working relationship. There will be more meetings in the future with the main goal of helping Palauans and Palauan students abroad.

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The Director of the Bureau of Public Service System has approved the use of the “Temporary Hazardous Justification Form” (BPSS-2017-02) for the application of Temporary Hazardous Pay of eligible employees. If you have any questions about the use of this form, please contact BPSS at or 488-4776 or 767-2415.

PROCUREMENT: Information & Forms

In accordance with 40PNC §608, the Procurement office for the purchase of goods shall be the Chief of Property and Supply Division, the Procurement Officer for construction and architectural and engineering contract shall be the Director of Public Works.  The Procurement Officer for the purchase of contractual service shall be the Director of the Bureau of Public Service System.  As such, the Procurement Officer for Contractual Services is excited to share the Procedures and Checklist for Procurement of Services.  Please find attached 2 documents that will hopefully assist all Departments with their procurement needs.  Effective today November 9, 2016 all respective Departments requiring procurement of services that is over $10,000 is required to complete the “Procurement Request Cover Sheet”.  If you shall have any questions and/or need clarification, please contact the Procurement Officer (Director) at

Please click on FORMS for more useful resources!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please take a moment to browse through the list of FAQ that BPSS has put together. As always, feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions or require clarification.

Click HERE to see the list of FAQ

Office of Citizen Job Placement


NEW! EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM – Government and Private Sector

There is a new EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION available under forms that can be used by job seekers of both the Government and the Private Sector.
Please make sure to provide 2 copies of your applications and any supporting documents if you’re interested in applying for government jobs or private companies. The application is available in a pdf form that you can fill right on your computer.
Click here to save/access the employment application form.
Application forms are still available through our offices in Ngerulmud or in Koror. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions.

BPSS Employee Information Security & Data Protection Policy

This is to inform you that the Bureau of Public Service System (BPSS) has implemented a new policy called the Employee Information Security & Data Protection Policy. This policy aims to ensure security of all employee information (hard copy and electronic) that is passed through, handled, and maintained by BPSS. In addition, this policy aims at improving information transmittal, saving resources and time by promoting the use of and transmittal of electronic documents.

Old Procedure:

Previously, when your department submits a Personnel Action Form (PAF), it [should have] included 4 copies to be distributed to: 1)BPSS, 2)Payroll, 3)Department and 4)Employee. After all authorization and certification is completed and entered into the system, BPSS then distributes the last 3 copies to the appropriate departments/employee.

New Procedure:

BPSS will now only require one (1) completed copy of a PAF. When the PAF has been completed and entered into the system, BPSS will scan the document as a PDF file and email it to the requesting department’s Point of Contact (POC).  The original PAF will be filed in the employees personnel folder located in the BPSS office in Ngerulmud.

What we need from you:

BPSS now requires a Point of Contact (POC) for each department. Whomever your department assigns as the Point of Contact needs to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement from BPSS. Please make sure that the email address you provide is an official departmental email i.e. . Personal emails are strictly prohibited.

Once you assign a POC and an email address, documentations such as PAF or WGI’s will be emailed directly to your department for you to save and distribute to the employee in question. It will be your department’s responsibility to make sure your employee receives their copy.

An updated Personnel Action Form will be available on our website. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact BPSS at 767-2501.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

– Director Umerang Imetengel & BPSS Staff

Moylan’s Insurance – Home of the Good Guys and Gals

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Palau, BPSS would like to congratulate Moylan’s insurance on winning the bid for worker’s compensation insurance.
What is a worker’s compensation?
Worker’s Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment… (
What should you do if you’re injured on the job?
If you’re ever injured while on the job, please contact your supervisor immediately to document it and take the proper steps to get in touch with an employee at Moylan’s.
Moylan’s Contact Information:
(680) 488-2761/2765