BPSS (on behalf of Worksite Wellness Committee) Awarded $10K for Health and Wellness Program

The Bureau of Public Service System is proud to announce that the Bureau on behalf of the Worksite Wellness Committee (WWC) applied for and was awarded $10,000 Year of Good Health Small Grants Program to conduct health screenings for all Executive Branch employees.  This is exciting news as health screening is one of the major steps in improving health and wellness of employees.  Employees of the Executive Branch spend at least 8 hours of their day at work, ranging from Administrative work to labor intensive type of work.  This leaves very little room to focus on health improvement and management.  As part of the Worksite Wellness Program Policy developed by the WWC, there will be a Health Screening Challenge that will be used to encourage and motivate employees in the Executive Branch to get screened for their Body Mass Index (BMI), Cholesterol (LDL and HDL) levels, Blood Pressure, and their Glucose levels.  The Ministry with the highest percentage of employees who get screened and/or get a physical/medical check-up will win and receive a prize (TBD) that will be awarded at the Employee Appreciation Day (date TBD).  There will also be consolation prizes that award departments who overcome major challenges to motivate their employees to be screened, who are dedicated and innovative with the Adopt-a Neighborhood program, and who have Innovative Health and Wellness Programs.  More information and details are forthcoming in terms of the challenges.  In the meantime, contact your HR or WWC Point of Contact within your Ministry for more information about the Worksite Wellness Policy!

Members of the Worksite Wellness Committee with Grants Officer Judy Dean

Picture: (Left to Right) Debbie Nagata (MOE), Irish Tutii (MOH), Maria Gates (MOS), Umerang Imetengel (BPSS/MOF), Judy Dean (Grants Office), Edolem Ikerdeu (MOH), Hadden Seklii (MCCA)

PROCUREMENT Information & Forms

Due to the recent amendment of RPPL 10-26, the Bureau of Public Service System has updated its forms/information under PROCUREMENT FORMS namely Procurement Process for Formal Bidding (over $20,000), Procurement Procedure for Small Purchase & Compensation, Evaluation Scoring Sheet, Evaluation Scoring Sheet – Sample and Request for Quotation. Please contact BPSS should you have any questions.

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